Tour Turkey: Turkish Eggplant Dishes

Before I travelled to Turkey the first time, I had rarely eaten eggplant and when I did, it wasn’t anything to write home about.  Most people I know, when asked if they like eggplant would reply that:

A) They’ve never had it

B) They’ve had it a few times and its ok or

C) They tried it and […]

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Tour Turkey: Side Turkey

Just a short trek from Antalya, you will find Side – a nice resort town along the coast of Turkey. Visiting Side makes a nice day trip to go explore the area and take in some spectacular views of the Mediterranean as well as see some ancient ruins, do a little shopping and enjoy some […]

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Typical Turkey Tour–Artemis Temples

One can hardly visit an ancient site in Turkey with out seeing a temple to Artemis. This  goddess of fertility can be seen depicted in statues and was worshiped in ancient temples all around what is now modern Turkey. One can see her depicted in archaeological museums in Istanbul, Ephesus, Antalya, Bergama (Pergamum), Izmir, as […]

Fun Travel Quotes–Beautiful Turkey Photos

Here are a few of the fun travel quote photos we’ve created over the past few weeks that contain bits of travel wisdom and insight for those looking to decorate their Facebook pages or their walls with something insightful or pretty. If you have a quote or a photo you’d like to share you can […]

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Turkey and Islam

The nation of Turkey is made up of a vast grouping of cultural and ethnic groups with a wide variety of religious variety even within the Muslim religious heading. One thing this part of the world has known has been mixture, melding and transforming of religious practices over the centuries of human history that have […]

Tour Turkey with Hadrian

If there was ever an emperor who liked to travel it was Emperor Hadrian. A visit to any of the many regions that once were under Roman rule will turn up some relic or artifact showing the influence of Hadrian. The three arched entry way into the ancient city of Antalya is a regional […]

Tour Alanya, Turkey

Within the greater region of Antalya you’ll find the beautiful Eastern most city of the region – Alanya. It is by far one of the nicest kept small cities in Turkey. The influence of decades of German visitors have caused the infrastructure (street cleaning, and city planning) to progress to a level that one does […]

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What is and is not in Antalya, Turkey

When taking a tour of Turkey one might find that a city name like Antalya offers a lot of different excursions and thinking that everything will be close together you consider that city a good option; that is not always the case. Antalya is a wonderful travel destination with hundreds of activities and a […]

Travel Photography in Turkey

I’ve been living in Turkey for almost six years and in my travels I’ve had a lot of wonderful photo opportunities. Yet very few of the pictures I have taken have been worth posting online. I post them anyway hoping that the blurry edges and the bad angles will be forgiven because of the amazing […]

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Turkish Oil Wrestling–A Cultural Event

While not all aspects of travel are smooth we do our best to provide you with the best possible version of travel in Turkey. We would like to compare the smoothness of our travel services to a well oiled wrestler. There’s not a rough spot for things to snag when a güreşçi (wrestler) oils […]