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Turkey Tours: A Photo Essay of Paths Through Turkey

One of the things I love to do when I travel in Turkey is explore the local area. One of my favorite things in Turkey are the paths that lead through the city, doorways into Turkish homes and windows. Its … Continue reading

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Eating from Turkish Street Vendors

During your tour of Turkey you may notice that there are many street vendors selling all kinds of aromatic foods. There are food products filling the marketplace as you walk from your hotel or pension to the popular sites in … Continue reading

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What is and is not in Antalya, Turkey

When taking a tour of Turkey one might find that a city name like Antalya offers a lot of different excursions and thinking that everything will be close together you consider that city a good option; that is not always … Continue reading

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Tour Turkey Archaeology–Perge’s Port Road

Here’s a video of a recent outing Dos Plumas Travel, Sojourn Travel and Dr. Mark Wilson did around the Perge site just outside Antalya. The video quality is not the best but it gives a good idea of the reality … Continue reading

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Istanbul Tour–Ancient Walls Walking Tour

An article on Today’s Zaman’s website has brought up one of my favorite tour ideas for the adventurer looking for a fun day outing in Istanbul. The article points out that the walls were completed in 413 AD and that … Continue reading

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Visit to Istanbul: No Bond to Be Found

Well some of you may have read my previous post on the latest Bond film and the interesting facts regarding Bond’s long history in Istanbul. I had mentioned in that post that I would keep my eyes out for Bond … Continue reading

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Mersin, Turkey

I was recently talking with my friend who hails from Mersin a city on the South coast of Turkey just North of Cyprus and just to the West of Adana and Antakya. Our discussion revolved around the reasons why we … Continue reading

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Turkey Tours: Cultural Symbols

Traveling in Turkey one can expect to come across a wealth of different symbols and imagery. The long history of this region leaves one with a wealth of cultures from which symbols have been introduced starting as far back as … Continue reading

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Turkey Tour: Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum

If you are interested at all in history or castles sea life or birds, museums or beautiful views then you need to visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The museum itself is not underwater but the findings that are … Continue reading

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Tour Turkey: Galata Tower

A quick look at the Istanbul skyline and one’s eyes are drawn to one of the highest standing structures in and around the Golden Horn – the Galata Tower. Built in the mid 1300’s the tower stood as the tallest … Continue reading

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