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New Tourist Visa Laws for Travel to Turkey

As of April first, for some reason Turkish travel laws seem to come into affect on April Fool’s Day, the Turkish government requires visitors to Turkey to have applied and printed off or received their tourist visa before arriving in … Continue reading

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Turkey Travel Risks and Rewards

Those of you who have been following the blog recently may have picked up on a topical theme that I promise I’m wrapping up this week. I’ve been using quotes by a regional ancient historian – Herodotus. Today’s quote is, … Continue reading

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Women and Travel in the Turkish Culture

Writing as a male foreigner addressing the position of women in Turkish culture seems to be a risky endeavor. Nonetheless, I will attempt to deal with this topic with the proper care and respect that I would hope anyone writing … Continue reading

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Traveling Alone In Turkey

“Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” – Herodotus, Histories 420 BC A good friend of my family has been living in Turkey for the last few years and has done a lot of traveling on his own … Continue reading

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U.S. Government Shutdown and International Travel

While Democrats and Republicans were stonewalling you were booking your tour for Turkey, not because you wanted to flee your country but because you wanted to open your horizons. As the weeks went on the potential for military strikes in … Continue reading

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What War With Syria Means for Tourism in Turkey

It’s a regular September in Turkey with potential war in the East and the greater number of the population moving Westward. The mass that has accumulated in the westernmost center – Istanbul – now works like a magnet drawing the … Continue reading

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Colorful Activism in Istanbul and around Turkey

This Sunday as I was walking through the Kara Oğlan Park to Kaleici in Antalya I found the stairs painted leading down from the fountain to the playground area and at first I thought it was simply a new decoration … Continue reading

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Are Tours of Turkey Handicapped Friendly?

Travel in Turkey can be very handicapped or “handi-capable” friendly depending on where you go and with whom you travel. In the past few years some of the major cities and tourist destinations have taken great pains to improve upon … Continue reading

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Tour Turkey: Is Turkey Safe to Tour?

As there have been protests in Turkey in recent weeks, Dos Plumas Travel owner, Jim Reynolds, visits Istanbul to tour the area and address safety concerns for tourists visiting Turkey. Have any safety concerns about Travel in Turkey? Comment below … Continue reading

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The Effects of the Protests in Cappadocia

These past couple of weeks as Turkey’s protest images have splashed across CNN and BBC, we have received a number of emails asking about our safety. During this same season I have seen a number of traveler tweets expressing concern … Continue reading

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