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Travel to Turkey in 2014

I believe this year is going to be another big year for Turkey for the travel industry. If trends from the last two years continue we will see a marked increase in visitors to the main cities as well as … Continue reading

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This Week in Turkey Tours

While we have guests traveling through Turkey starting in Istanbul and a visit to the Hagia Sophia and following up their trip with a stop in Cappadocia at the Argos Cave Hotel and then a trip to Izmir and a … Continue reading

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Colorful Activism in Istanbul and around Turkey

This Sunday as I was walking through the Kara Oğlan Park to Kaleici in Antalya I found the stairs painted leading down from the fountain to the playground area and at first I thought it was simply a new decoration … Continue reading

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The Effects of the Protests in Cappadocia

These past couple of weeks as Turkey’s protest images have splashed across CNN and BBC, we have received a number of emails asking about our safety. During this same season I have seen a number of traveler tweets expressing concern … Continue reading

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Istanbul’s Culinary Backstreets

At Dos Plumas we’re always looking for other like minded content rich blogs and outlets of travel information. We admit that when we find them we borrow and beg for ideas and love to promote these sites to our readers. … Continue reading

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Turkey in the New Year 2013

This year has been a busy year for travel in Turkey. The issues in places like Egypt, Israel, Greece, Spain and other European, North African and Middle Eastern countries brought a surge of travelers from those possible destinations to Turkey … Continue reading

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Turkey Blog Roll: January 6th, 2012

So, we’ve realized that blogs of the month might be a better name for this instead of blogs of the week. We’ll be posting our favorite blogs that we have come across in our research from the month past and … Continue reading

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Turkey Tours: Food

Yemek–Food VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Travel with us and gain first hand knowledge of the excellent flavor of Turkish cuisine. This weeks link roundup is of some of our favorite Turkish dishes posted by bloggers and travelers around the … Continue reading

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Turkey Blog roll: November 22nd, 2011

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a set of links that we like from the vast stores of the internet. This weeks will be a reinvention of our previous blogroll as we are under new editorial oversight at … Continue reading

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