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Travel to Turkey in 2014

I believe this year is going to be another big year for Turkey for the travel industry. If trends from the last two years continue we will see a marked increase in visitors to the main cities as well as growth of visitors to places removed from the beaten path. In the last year Istanbul, […]

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Turkey Tour Thanksgiving 2013

This Thursday our offices at Dos Plumas Travel  closed early and got together for a Thanksgiving meal at our house. We had turkey and all the Thanksgiving and Turkish fixings. While Turkey does not celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, like in most countries American’s are forced to scrounge and import some of those needed products for a […]

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Are Tours of Turkey Handicapped Friendly?

Travel in Turkey can be very handicapped or “handi-capable” friendly depending on where you go and with whom you travel. In the past few years some of the major cities and tourist destinations have taken great pains to improve upon their public transit systems as well as their city planning to allow safer and easier […]

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Tour by Car–Izmir to Antalya

We set out by car on Thursday morning with three travellers ready for a full days drive from Antalya to Izmir. This seven hour drive, for those looking to follow the posted speed limits, is a pleasant trip over the mountains and along the Menderes (Meander) River to the port of Izmir on the Aegean […]

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Antalya, MarkAntalya AVM–What’s an AVM?

Many of you who have spent some time in Turkey know the answer to this question but the acronym used by many Turkish shopping-centers is confusing because it focuses on the Turkish words for shopping instead of the English. An AVM is an AlışVeriş Merkez a direct translation of shopping-center. Most of the AVM’s in […]

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Turkey and Greece Tour: By plane train and automobile

I’m writing today from a hotel in Athens as I look out at Aya Giorgio’s Square from my hotel room and consider the next portion of my journey from Greece to Italy I want to take a moment and mention a few important facts about my trip from Antalya to Athens via Istanbul. I […]

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Turkey 5 Star Hotel Assessment

There are a wide set of standards for giving and taking stars away from hotels around the world. In Turkey it seems that the system is a measurement based on the self assessment of any given hotel. This is why we suggest you book your hotel based both on the photo representation of the hotel […]

The Effects of the Protests in Cappadocia

These past couple of weeks as Turkey’s protest images have splashed across CNN and BBC, we have received a number of emails asking about our safety. During this same season I have seen a number of traveler tweets expressing concern about future Turkey travel. But in Cappadocia where things move at a slower pace, peace […]

Turkey Tours Are Romantic

There are a lot of different in ways you can infuse some romance into your life but nothing has been any more effective and affective for me than a trip to some of the romantic points of interest in Turkey. I’ll admit that when you think of Turkey your first thoughts may not be romance. […]

Turkey Tours from Space

There are lots of great views within Turkey for those interested in traveling to Turkey. You can get a great tour of Turkey by land, air and sea but if you want a great tour of Turkey from space you’ll have to hitch a ride to the International Space Station (ISS). This week one of […]