private Tour Turkey 2015 - AntakyaSafety on a Private Tour of Turkey:

These days some people are worried about the dangers of travel. Travel in Turkey has seen a decline over the past year. Russian tourists have been told by their government not to visit Turkey because Turkey and Russia are not on good speaking terms. Visitors from the United States are given blanket warnings not to visit because parts of Turkey have had some unfortunate attacks. We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that the safest way to travel is to do a private tour of Turkey.

When traveling there are general safe traveler protocols that you can follow that will keep you safe when you travel. These are things you can do for yourself. Then there are other services you can pay for that will keep you more safe on vacation. Staying at exclusive hotels and private locations, having private guides, visiting less crowded spaces, seeing sites from new vantage points, and enjoying expert guides are all keys to traveling safe. Luxury and private services are kept private and this requires an extra level of security. Exclusivity and luxury often offer extra securities built into these services. Barring a rebellion of the proletariat you will be less of a target on a private tour of Turkey.

This is not a panacea for those who are looking to remain safe in all their travels but a private tour of Turkey will always fly under the radar and offer greater peace of mind and comfort while you travel.

Benefits of a private tour from the perspective of safety:

Personal Valet or Driver:

  • private tour turkey - securityThis service helps you avoid the annoying taxi drivers and their sometimes opportunistic scams. While I have never had this happen to me, my close friends did a do-it-yourself trip to Istanbul with a taxi fiasco. Had they not been a bit more travel savvy they would have succumbed to a taxi scam. The drivers if not asked upon entry may neglect to turn on the taxi meter. If you’re a DIY traveler and reading this make sure they always turn on the meter. That is what the taxi driver did to my friends and then charged them an outrageous taxi fee (150 TL) for a relatively short ride in from the airport. My friends immediately took pictures of the taxi driver’s license plate and taxi registration and reported the taxi driver to the tourism police. The police thanked them for clear evidence of the taxi’s impropriety. They said that most evidence is too circumstantial but that the evidence my friends provided was a great help. The police were very apologetic and our friends didn’t overpay.
  • With a driver on a private tour you’ll have a valet waiting for you with your private tour name and a license from our company to make sure there are no scams. As you exit customs your driver will be waiting for you.


Personal Guides:

  • A personal and trusted guide has local knowledge and the ability to sense abnormal local behavior. Visiting Istanbul, it may seem strange to see a crowd of people protesting in Sultanahmet Square about the policies of European nations in Palestine (a personal experience), a guide can tell you if that is strange for the locals or only strange for the visitors to Istanbul.
  • A guide can steer you to the reputable shops, stores, and venues while unguided travel has a greater tendency to lead you into danger.
  • Private guided tours have the added benefit of also being smaller. This means that you still have the undivided attention of your guide instead of being a part of a large pack of tourists moving only at the constant prodding of their shepherd-like guides.

Luxury Hotels:

  • A luxury hotel has more vigilant reception, valet and parking attendants that make sure that the facilities are a carefree environment for all visitors to their hotels. The grounds of many of the five-star hotels have been kept like fortresses to keep vagrants and free-loaders from utilizing their luxurious facilities. This has the added benefit of keeping other unwanted dangers at bay.
  • Luxury hotels are rarely overcrowded and often fully monitored.

Entrance Fees Prepaid:

A private tour of Turkey will have many of the entrance fee’s and tickets procured long before your arrival in the country allowing for easier access to sites with less of a wait at those vulnerable access points where things can seem most tense. This is just one more added safety feature for those concerned about travel in Turkey.