Are you looking for tour ideas in 2016?

Turkey Tour - Laodicea 2016Investigating a Turkey Tour in 2016? Let me tell you a little about one fo my favorite places in the world. Turkey has invested a lot of money to update its sites. Many locations have been renovated. Many of these facilities have been renovated in the last ten years.  Some of the sites are simply being improved while other sites are newly uncovered. Many of the sites have been greatly improved. Laodicea has seen a lot of extra work in the last few years. Laodicea is a very impressive site. Twenty years ago when I first visited Laodicea it was completely submerged. A lot of dirt can accumulate in a thousand years.

Interesting findings influence turkey tours in recent years:

  • Göbekli Tepe,
  • Philip’s Tomb,
  • Arslan Tepe,
  • Ephesus Residential Excavation
  • and several other great finds around the country.

New Museums to visit on your Turkey Tour

Some old museums have brand new buildings with amazing architecture and complimentary settings for highly valuable historical remnants. The Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep and the brand new Archaeology Museum of Şanlıurfa are very large, new museums housing tens of thousands of major artifacts. These areas previously had little to no relevance for historians and museum lovers but are now points of interest for the history buff in your family.

Turkey is a great place to visit. You will not be disappointed if you want to see artifacts from ancient times in a new light. There is a lot to see. Antalya has a new art museum, with some Picasso sketches and other great pieces of art. New aquariums, amusement parks and five-star hotels are going up every year. The cable car that takes you to the top of Mt. Tahtali in the greater Antalya region is also a great place to visit. Tahtali or Mt. Olympos is a great reprieve from the heat in the summer months.