Visiting Ankara for the Day

Day Trip 2015 (1)There are lots of reasons to visit Ankara for the day. Your base of operations may be somewhere outside of Ankara, you may have a museum or friend you want to visit on your private tour of Turkey or you may just need to get to the US Embassy for the day and are wondering how to get up and back from somewhere like Istanbul or Antalya. So, I went to pick up a friend in Ankara and thought the travel information might be useful to some of you looking for general transfer information for getting around Ankara. So, here’s the lowdown on getting around town in the Turkish capital.

Flying to Ankara?

ESB ASTİIf you’re flying in to Ankara International ( ESB) and want to get quickly to the main bus terminal in the heart of Ankara you can pay 8 Turkish Lira and get the express Havaş bus to AŞTİ (pronounced osh tea). On the ride into town you’ll pass the regional Coca-Cola bottling plant a soccer stadium with one sided seating and miles and miles of residential apartments as you approach the cities outter loop.
Once on the bus you pay the attendant 8 Lira and he gives you a ticket with the price on it. Large bags can be stowed beneath the bus and carry on luggage can be stowed beneath the seat in front of you. The trip in takes roughly 45 minutes and drops you right at the main bus terminal for the region. From there city buses, inter city buses and taxis are available at a super affordable rate.

If while reading this you should grow weary of research or overwhelmed by the possibilities of getting lost, just fill out our individual travel request form on the page and we will send you the best driver and guide to meet you at the airport and guide you around the country.

Once in Ankara at AŞTİ – the cities main bus terminal one can get just about anywhere in the country. The nearby points of interest include: Konya, Nevşehir and Göreme in Cappadocia.

The possibilities of where one can travel by bus though are limitless. The city of Ankara has lots to do and see though. One can visit the memorial for Atatürk for free and the castle of Ancyra is a fun place to walk around. If you  are planning Day Trip 2015 (3)to go east and visit archaeological sites then the Ortadoğu Medeniyet Müzesi or Civilizations of the Middle East Museum is worth visiting. It has many of the key finds from ancient sites like Arslantepe in Malatya and other Hittite sites from the central Anatolian plains.

Around town there are many shopping centers and malls where one can find comfortable and culturally relevant eating establishments. Well prepared foods can be had with the modern commercial authenticity of every day Urban Turkish life. Anka-Mall and the Armada are on the way in from the airport and Cepa is also not too far from the bus station.

From the bus station city buses can take you to all the places we write about in the Ankara post we wrote a few years back. Here are some shots from the Ataturk Mausoleum free entrance and a great view of the city and Turkish History.