While you are looking to have the best time possible on your next vacation, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for the amazing things you will experience while you are touring in Turkey.

  1. Pack Light

Pack layers so you can add to or take away from your wardrobe depending on where you are and the temperature. You don’t want to be bogged down with a huge suitcase while you’re travelling. Keep it simple and comfortable.

Bonus for the Ladies: Bring a scarf! Its can serve as a shawl as well as a headcovering when you are visiting the mosques.

2.  Don’t forget your camera

Tour Turkey Memorable Travel Tips Camera

I think this is a no brainer, but its always good to double check your bag when you are walking out the door. In addition to your camera, don’t forget your charger and converter to charge your camera while you are on the road. If you love to take pictures, you may want to bring a usb or small external hard drive to back up your photos during your trip.

3.   Wear Comfortable Shoes

You will spend a lot of time walking while you are touring Turkey. Wear comfortable shoes that have already been broken in.

4.   Journal

I know there are some people that don’t like to journal, more than anything take a little time throughout your day to process what you are seeing and experiencing – take it all in. You can record your thoughts through journaling, taking photos or even picking up a simple souvenir to remind you of what you experienced in that location.

5.   Try the Food

I love Turkish food and you will too. Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone, go home from your Turkey vacation knowing you at least tried something new.

6.   Drink Tea with the Locals

Drinking Tea or “Cay” many times throughout the day is part of the Turkish culture. If you are invited to sit down and have tea with a local, don’t miss the opportunity to experience a part of this relational culture. You will be all the better for it.

7.   Get Up Early

Tour Turkey Memorable Travel Tips Sunrise

Yes, I know. You’re on vacation – you don’t want to wake up early. There are so many beautiful things you can see by getting up around sunrise. Hot Air Balloon Rides, Hear the Call to Prayer, Buy a Tasty Pastry from the Bakery, See the sunrise over the Mediterranean. You will see a unique side of Turkey in the early morning hours.

8.   Travel with Gratitude

Its quite an amazing thing to get to travel, experience new cultures and see beautiful sites around the world. Travel with gratitude that you come from a country that you have the resources to go and travel. Take in the beauty of all you are seeing in the landscapes, the culture and the people and all that you can learn from them.