I’ve been living in Turkey for almost six years and in my travels I’ve had a lot of wonderful photo opportunities. Yet very few of the pictures I have taken have been worth posting online. I post them anyway hoping that the blurry edges and the bad angles will be forgiven because of the amazing content. Here are some of my favorite photographers who have taken nicer photos of Turkey.

Civil King

I’ve ejoyed civilking’s photos from around Istabul and other parts of Turkey for the last few months as I’ve begun posting my own Instagram photos, I’ve found that for the mobile devices I use. Civilking puts together a good collection of photos of the country.

For travel photography tips I liked this extensive list of pointers for the photo traveler from DigitalCameraWorld. The tips are numerous some of my favorites:

  • Tip 31 use aperture priority mode
  • Tip 13 using post cards to locate points of interest for photographs
  • Tip 8 getting out early and hitting the sunrise photo ops is great
  • Tip 68 shoot cities at night

Here’s a photo I took recently while in Greece that took to heart three of the four tips listed above. The Parthenon by night using aperture priority mode on my Canon camera.