Istanbul Book 01The development of Orhan Pamuk as a world renowned writer in the past several years has brought the spot light back upon the magical crossroads of Istanbul. The city sitting on the boarder of two continents and housing more than a fifth of the nations population has been the birth place of many a great pieces of fiction. Even the modern medium of film has been captivated by the beauty of the largest city of this country with ancient roots and architectural wonders crowing it’s every hill and shoreline.

Here is a quick list of some of the authors who visited the region from the United States. The list of authors is compiled from a new written collection of thoughts and reflections by famous American writers in the book titled American Writers in Istanbul 

Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Dos Passos, Nelson Algren, and of course Agatha Christie. The insights of these authors and many more can add a rich flavor and give scope and perspective for any American looking to visit Turkey. The thoughts about the city may not reflect the current modernized version of the city but will at least ad an air of excitement and adventure to your wanderings around the tourist friendly Istanbul of today.

In recent news you can visit the newly opened book museum founded by Orhan Pamuk a memorial of the Istanbul of his youth with rooms filled with Turkish paraphernalia from the 1950’s to the end of the 20th century. His latest works The Museum of Innocence acted as inspiration for this idea of a book museum.