Kibyra (1)Turkish news agency TRT claimed a month and a half ago that Kibyra in Gölhisar, Turkey is home to the largest connected mosaic in the world. This claim, while bold and possibly false, sheds a new light of interest on an ancient site that has much to offer. The hippodrome and amphitheater sit at the summit of the mountain next to which the modern city of Gölhisar is built.

Kibyra (17)Kibyra is a nice stop over for those traveling by car between Antalya and Denizli on a tour of some of the most popular sites in the region – Pamukkale and Termessos. It has not yet been set up as a museum and so is free to enter and is presently being excavated so if you are planning a trip to Turkey in 2011 you will be able to get in and see students of archaeology working to uncover this giant mosaic. The hippodrome has a great view out over the valley bellow towards the small lake from which Gölhisar derives its name a great photo op and place for reflection for those wanting to take a minute to enjoy a rest from the three hour drive between Antalya and Denizli.

Kibyra (3)For those looking to drive it is worth noting that there is extensive roadwork being done on the northbound road departing from Gölhisar and one would be better served returning to the main road to the East before continuing their journey towards Denizli. Scheduled finish of that road project is by the end of 2012.

Make sure you take a guide along with you on your journey so they can open up all the interesting facts of this ancient Roman site.