When you travel to Antalya with Dos Plumas these are some of the beautiful places you might consider visiting:

In the center of Antalya you can enjoy some of these great locations:

Kaleici011. Old Town KaleiciThe central location of this old city, its name literally means inside the walls, is a great place to go for an afternoon walk and explore the side streets and promenades of a two thousand year old city. This is a great place to take pictures and see the old port of Attalia. Named for King Attalos II Antalya was the site that Attalos’ soldiers chose as a stronghold to control the Southern coast of the Anatolian peninsula and secure trade routes and naval superiority for the Pergamum Empire. The mandate given to Attalos’ soldiers was to find heaven on earth, and so they founded around 100 BCE Attalia. This is also a night life hotspot with bars, clubs and restaurants filling it’s side streets and tea houses overlooking the port itself. From here one can also charter a boat tour to visit the waterfalls and nearby Siçan Island.

DSCF44712. Boat TourWhile visiting Antalya one should get a vantage of the city from the sea. The high cliffs and clear turquoise colored water makes for a great sea outing. There are great views of waterfalls coming over the cliffs and an island to the far West of the city that is a fun place for snorkeling and climbing. One can join a group boat and travel for a relatively inexpensive price or you can charter your own yacht and travel in luxury and privacy to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Museum013. Antalya Archaeology MuseumOne of the better museums in Turkey, the Antalya Archaeology Museum is host to pieces from the surrounding historical sites including but not limited to:

The statues of the Pantheon from the Amphitheater in Perge, Statues and Mosaics from Side, Alanya and Aspendos, Findings from Termessos and Demre and Myra, Grave Site findings from Termessos and surrounding areas, etc. The Antalya Museum is located at the end of the old tram line which runs about a two miles from Konyalti Beach Park out towards Lara in the East.

Visiting Times: Tuesday –Sunday (April – October 9:00-19:00 ; November – March 8:00-17:00)


There are several beautiful to the East of Antalya just a short drive and you and your friends could visit:

1031. Perge – Just a short five minute ride from Antalya International Airport, the double gate of this ancient site speaks to the two main cultures which influenced the city in its prime. Perge unique for it’s twin towered entrance and it’s second Roman gate built when the city expanded has a good sampling of classical architecture. There are a series of Roman baths and a very long arcade that was once the site of a beautiful and long fountain waterway that ran from the cisterns at the cities acropolis to the lower baths and on beyond the city. At Perge you can see a better model of a hippodrome than the one in Istanbul, a large amphitheater (but only from the outside as entrance is restricted), Roman baths, Greek towers, a gymnasium, Byzantine churches and much more.

0702. Side – An hour to the East of the Antalya International Airport (AYT) and you are in trendy Side a popular family getaway for the European travelers. This beach side resort built around the ancient ruins of Side is neat due to the meld of ancient and modern structures. One can drive through ancient pillars of an ancient Greek structure and go shopping with a pleasant stop at the ancient port and temple before going for a dip and having a fresh grilled fish dinner with a nice glass of Efes beer. Although I wouldn’t suggest doing your shopping in Side, as it is a bit on the pricy side for souvenirs, it is a fun place to window shop and enjoy the sandy beach life and the hot summer sun.

Aspendos013. Aspendos – When in Antalya plan to take an evening trip to see a performance of Turkish dancing at the beautifully restored Gloria Theater in Aspendos. This opportunity is a beautiful mix of culture and history. The 3000 year old city was a important coastal city in the Pamphylian kingdom. The theater is one of the best restored structures in Aspendos.  Come in July and August and you can enjoy the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival or see the Fire of Anatolia dance group perform Turkish traditional dances at one of these scheduled times.



There are several interesting things to do to the North of Antalya as well:

IMG_81761. TermessosMaybe you would like to take a hike through a national park and enjoy the beauty of the trees and thirty or more unique species of wildlife that are protected in the Termessos National Park. If a short hike a lot of fresh air and a stunning view from the amphitheater, nested at the top of the mountain with a view down to the Mediterranean on a clear day this is one of the premier spots to visit. Here you will see numerous sarcophagi, giant mountain top cisterns, and great expanses of unsearched ruins wonderful for those with an explorer’s heart. The summer months can be quite hot in Antalya but the humidity is much less on the mountain top and shade from the trees makes for significant shelter from the hot humid climate of “Hotalya.”

Sagalassos012. SagalassosTo the North of Antalya along the road to Isparta and near the beautiful Aksu (Kestros) River is another mountain city where one can see one of the few restored ancient fountains. The water source that once fed a thriving civilization never ran out and the system by which water was collected has been reconstructed by archaeologists giving an added aide to the imagination. This site is a fun day trip to the North of Antalya. One might consider stopping by Perge, and Cremna as well

Rafting 013. Canyon Rafting – In the North Eastern region is a wonderful opportunity for families to go white water rafting. The cool mountain waters are welcome relief from the heat of the summer son and by high season the waters have subsided enough from the Spring season to be safe and fun for all. A trip to Kopru Canyon gives one the opportunity to raft for three hours down this beautiful river, swim in the ice cold waters, eat a grilled fish lunch, jump from the cliff sides into the fresh water pools and row to your hearts content. This is an activity that locals and tourists alike enjoy on a regular basis. The rafting location is about a two hour drive from downtown Antalya.

There are several more locations we’d like you to be aware of to the West of the City:

Tree Stars 051. Olympos and Cirali – To the West of Antalya you might consider visiting these two villages, Olympos and Çıralı. This is a quiet and untamed region of the Antalya coast with no large resort hotels but more of a camp ground feel with pensions and tree house hotels. The clean beaches, numerous trails and historical sites make this a place one could spend a full vacation resting relaxing and still having lots to do for fun with the family. The ruins of the city of Olympos tell of a port city with a history of battling pirates and developing sea faring sailors. The ruins show traces of the Lydian Empire. The mountains around Çıralı hold natural gas and one of the oldest sites of eternal flames in history. The source of the stories of Bellerphon and the Chimera originate with these flames which sit at the top of a 20 minute hike in the Olympos mountains.

Kekova012. Phasaelis, Kekova and Demre – While visiting the Western realms of the Antalya region you won’t want to miss an underwater city an island escape and the visiting the birth place of St. Nicholas from which we derive portions of the Santa Clause myth. These seaside regions lie just beyond Olympos and Cirali to the West before one reaches Kaş. Boat tours and pilgrimages are some of the biggest attractions and these places can be easily visited either from Antalya or from the smaller pensions in Olympos or Cirali. For more information about each of these sites you can click on the links to our articles regarding each location.

Dos Plumas 093. Kaş – A quaint summer escape destination that faces out towards the Mediterranean against the cliff face of the mountains that rise up right from the sea. This city has spectacular views of the Greek island Kastelorizo (Meis in Turkish). Daily trips can be planned to visit the small island and air transport by way of Rhodes can take you anywhere in Greece on Olympic Airlines from the little island. In Kaş you can do a variety of adventure activities like ropes courses, paragliding, scuba diving and snorkeling. Jeep safaris will take you through the mountain regions to the North of the city and open up the beautiful mountain rivers that are located in the Toros mountains. This is another great spot to visit with family and possibly rent a villa for a week or more. Also a beautiful spot to stop on a cruise of the Turkish Mediterranean.