When you look up from Antalya, or any site in the Antalya area, you will see the top of Mt. Tahtali sitting at 2365m (7,759 feet). You can take about an hour drive and shortly before you get to Phasaelis you will see the entrance to the Beydaglari National Park.

To get up to the summit of Mt. Tahtali you can take the aerial cable car. On the ride up you will begin to see amazing views of the area. The higher you get, the more magnificent views you will see. Once you are at the top you will have a 360 view of the Antalya region and it is absolutely amazing.

If you go during the summer months, it will be a little bit cooler at the top of the mountain. Make sure it’s a clear day too. Sometimes, with humidity in the Antalya area, it can appear foggy, which restricts your view a little.

If you go during the winter months, it will definitely be cooler at the top of the mountain, and more than likely there will be snow as well. Be sure to dress appropriately according to the weather. This is always fun for those of us who live in the area, because it is a rarity to see snow in Antalya unless you make the drive to go skiing at Davraz or Saklikent.

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