When travelling to Cappadocia, there are several things you MUST see. One of them is visiting at least one of the Underground cities. There are over 40 known underground cities, with new discoveries always on the horizon.

Created in the 7th – 8th century B.C. , Derinkuyu is the deepest known underground city and goes down to 11 stories (85 meters) in the ground. Derinkuyu was created as a refuge in times of war and later served as a safe place for Christians facing persecution by the Roman Empire. The walkways are a little small, but the pathways and rooms are well lit and you have plenty of room to move around. Seeing first-hand the homes, churches, stables, wineries and storage areas and how people survived for months at a time is amazing. Most of the underground cities in the region are connected and at any given time one underground city could have had from 25,000 – 50,000 people living there.

Here is a map of Derinkuyu to give you a better picture of the layout:

Bring a light jacket when making plans to tour Derinkuyu in the summer time, because the temperature will be a little cooler inside the underground city.

Have you ever been to Derinkuyu? What was the most memorable thing for you going to the underground cities?

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