I love finding new books to read about life, culture, history, food or travel in Turkey. Here are a few books I recommend to read about Turkey!


The Yogurt Man Cometh

by Kevin Revolinski

These are the stories of an English teacher who lived in Turkey for one year. This book is a fun read full of adventure and surprises.



Sultan’s Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook

by Ozcan Ozan

If you’ve fallen in love with Turkish food like I have, this Turkish cookbook has wonderful recipes, ingredients you can actually find in your local grocery story and gorgeous photographs of the different Turkish dishes.


Lonely Planet Turkey

by James Bainbridge

Lonely Planet provides a comprehensive guide of things to do, where to go and places to stay in Turkey. Check this book out before you come to tour Turkey.


Biblical Turkey: A Guide to Jewish & Christian Sites to Asia Minor

by Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson, a Turkey scholar and researcher, provides in-depth guides to biblical sites in Turkey. A must read for history lovers.



Strolling Through Istanbul: A Classic Guide to the City

by Hilary Sumner-Boyd and John Freely

This book takes you through Istanbul on foot with historical information on major sites as well as hidden jewels in this magical city.


Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds

by Stephen Kinzer

A reflection on Modern Turkey and how it is the crossroads between Europe and Asia and where it is headed in the future.



Snow or My Name is Red

by Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk has written many novels and was Turkey’s first citizen to be awarded the Noble Peace Prize. Snow and My Name is Red are classics and I would recommend reading at least one novel from this Turkish novelist.


Ancient Turkey: A Traveller’s History

by Seton Lloyd

This book approaches Turkey’s ancient history through a traveller’s eyes looking back at pre-historic times to the Christian period. This is a great book to read before or during your trip to Turkey.


Ataturk: The Biography of the Founder of Modern Turkey

by Andrew Mango

With very few books in English written about the life of Ataturk, Andrew Mango has researched and written a detailed portrait of the influential life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the creator of modern day Turkey.


Turkish Art & Architecture: From the Seljuks to the Ottomans

by Giovanni Curatola

A wonderful historical view of architecture first introduced by the Seljuks to the domed mosques created by the Ottomans along with a history of the ceramics, carpets and other decorative arts in Turkey.



Tales From the Harem: Foreign Women in Modern Turkey

by Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton Gokmen

A collection of stories of women travelers and expats sharing their experiences in Turkey. This is a favorite!


Do you have any books that you’ve enjoyed reading about Turkey?! I’m always looking for something new!